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guitar, voice, bass, piano

Joe began his music teaching career at the age of 15 by offering guitar lessons and instantly knew that he was meant to be a music educator. He honed his teaching skills at Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in music education with classical guitar as his primary instrument and voice as his secondary. After college, he spent 5 years as an itinerant elementary music teacher in Chesterfield County. While he loved being in the classroom, he found that he truly missed his original passion for private music instruction and seeing the individual student growth that comes with regular music lessons.

His approach is simple: building students' musicianship through literacy, comprehension, and performance practice.  Coming from both an instrumental and vocal background, he has a unique, organic, and all-encompassing perspective on Music Education.  His experiences in choral as well as instrumental ensembles have prepared him to be a more adaptive, responsive, and well-rounded educator. His goal as a music educator is to provide the experiences necessary for each student to further their musical understanding so that they may effectively use music to better their own lives, as well as the lives of those around them.  

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