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I began playing piano around 17 years ago, learning from my father along with many teachers over the years playing classical, jazz, and rock piano primarily. In 2018, I began my studies at VCU in Richmond VA studying jazz piano, but feeling a desire to try something new, I picked up guitar (mainly as a fun thing to do with friends at first). It quickly became a passion of mine, so I took lessons, joined a band, and switched to the classical guitar program at VCU. Later on, I also learned a bit of mandolin. Initially it was to play country/bluegrass music in a group with friends, but like guitar, I became very interested in it. I then had the opportunity to play Vivaldi’s Concerto in C on mandolin with a classical guitar ensemble for my senior recital, so I spent my last semester practicing it a lot and had a great time at the recital. Since graduation in Spring 2022, piano and guitar have become my main focus again, and teaching at the Music Tree has been an amazing and fulfilling experience.


During lessons, I try to create a relaxed and fun learning environment. Students are welcome to bring anything they'd like to work on into the lesson (including music they've written), but I also teach out of the recommended books for those who'd like a more structured approach. Hope to see you there!

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