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Since 7 years old, Sarina had a strong passion for playing piano. She was initially trained in classical music and went through the graded curriculum at the London Royal School of Music. After passing with distinction, Sarina started to expand her repertoire to pop and jazz music. She continued her training at the Peabody Preparatory School in Baltimore, MD. During this time, she served as a assistant teacher in the Peabody Pedagogy Class. Sarina minored in music from Johns Hopkins University in 2015. After this time, she privately taught students in her neighborhood how to play piano and began to love teaching.

Even though she earned degrees in Molecular Biology and Physiology/Biophysics and wants to become a physician (most likely in pediatrics!), music has played a significant influence in her life. She is passionate in teaching students of any age the beauty of piano and brings innovative skills on how to master this instrument. She knows that learning music brings creative thinking into everyday activities and she wants to teach her students this valuable skill! 

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