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guitar, ukulele, bass


Willie DE is a graduate of the VCU Jazz Studies program and is an active teacher and performer in the central Virginia area. Willie has performed as a solo artist through Central and Northern Virginia, in Manhattan, Western Virginia, Brooklyn, and throughout the Southeast as far as Austin, Texas. He’s shared the stage with the North Mississippi All-stars and has opened for a diverse group of top-flight musicians. Willie has recorded two full albums and an EP with his rock band, The Wave, as well as two solo albums.


He believes that students are more likely to grow and continue developing their skills if they are encouraged to play the music they love. He's ready to teach any rock, blues, folk, funk, country, indie, pop, jazz, or bluegrass tune a student might want to learn. Willie also teaches songwriting/composing and encourages students to write their own songs and to sing while they play even if they’re shy about singing.

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