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Brad G.


Bass, Drums, Guitar, Mandolin, Trombone, Trumpet

     Brad teaches, performs, and practices on many instruments and enjoys helping others stay inspired to play music as well. After playing casually with friends and classmates at an early age, he studied formally in Baltimore, MD at Towson University and began a professional performing and teaching career. After graduating with a Bachelor of Music, he began a diverse performing career as a bandleader, sideman, teacher, and producer making music live and recording throughout the Washington DC, Baltimore, and Mid Atlantic area.


     His career progressed beyond the region after moving to New York City, studying for a few more years at New York University, and joining various groups which toured the US, Europe, and Middle East, playing muisic on various broadcast mediums, teaching at the University level, and producing more recordings with musicians from around the world. He regularly performs with various bands and orchestras of many different styles and traditions to much acclaim.  His main teaching goal is to help others get started, achieve at the next level, and fully express musical ideas, but most importantly, to have fun. 

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