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Chris G

Saxophone, Flute, Guitar, Oboe

     Chris is a current music student at Virginia Commonwealth University in the process of getting a Music Bachelor of Arts degree, with a minor in Psychology. He is classically trained and plays saxophone as his main instrument, but loves playing with other instruments such as guitar, flute, and oboe.


     Growing up, Chris played guitar for his church to help with his musical abilities, but later grew a stronger interest in playing realizing it is what makes him feel happy, so he wanted to share with others what he learned throughout his experience!


     In the last 2 years, Chris has been nominated as a winner of the Solo Concerto Competition at VCU, and currently performs with the Petersburg Symphony Orchestra. 

In the future, Chris would like to help others grow as musicians, but most importantly, help them reach their goals and passions, whether it be in music or other aspects.

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