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Christina R.



     Christina is a singer-songwriter known for her authenticity. She grew up in a very musical community yet surprisingly had a major fear of performing and sharing her music with people. Nevertheless, she overcame this fear with much work and dedication, because performance and music are where she feels most at home.

     Currently, Christina is pursuing a B.A. Degree in Music with a focus on voice and a minor in Sound Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has been involved in bands such as The Local Laundromat, Hillwell Worship, and VCU Jazz.

     Her passion for teaching voice and music is helping people to find their voice and gain skills, encouraging them to grow confidence and use healthy techniques that will help sustain the longevity of their voice. She is well-versed in many styles such as jazz, indie-folk, alternative rock, and classical. 

     Christina loves spending time writing music, scoring films, studying sound design, thrifting, making coffee, and taking care of animals which is her second job. 

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