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Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums & Percussion

A music teacher for over 15 years and a performer for 24, Ian began playing piano at an early age. The melodies to his favorite movie and game soundtracks inspired his love for music. From a family of diverse musicians, he learned to play music by the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel and Ben Folds from his talented father and brother. He joined his school band as soon as he was able, at the same time learning guitar from his brother and mother. His true instrument calling came the year he joined marching band and saw the drumline perform. After receiving a drumset his sophomore year of high school, he dedicated himself to the art of percussion. 
Ian attended the Virginia Commonwealth University school of music and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music performance. He has performed with countless classical musicians, formed his own rock group, provided percussion for several flamenco ensembles, all while composing works for solo and ensemble performances all across the city of Richmond. On any given day you can find Ian teaching and performing on piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, drumset, percussion, and even marimba.

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