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Karl T.


     Born into a musical family in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Karl began his musical journey with piano lessons under the guidance of his mother who is a dedicated piano teacher. His early years were filled with exploration of various instruments but it was at the age of 10 that he discovered his true passion for the drums. Throughout high school his interest in jazz deepened, ultimately leading him to pursue earning a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies from Loyola University New Orleans. With over a decade of performing and recording experience, Karl has honed his craft and developed a versatile skill set that he is eager to share with his students.


     Karl’s approach as a drum teacher is to instruction is dynamic and student-centered. He believes in helping students develop the skills that will enable them to play the music they love, fostering both technical proficiency and creative expression. Whether students are interested in jazz, rock, or any other genre, Karl aims to create a supportive and engaging learning environment where each student can thrive and find joy in their musical journey.


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